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At BeeLumi, we are passionate about the relationship between light and lifestyle. We aspire to develop high quality, energy-efficient lights that provide value and are versatile to your home's ambience.


By combining advanced engineering with a deep understanding of residential lighting, we design products which places high importance on health, environment, sustainability and voguish lighting for our clients. BeeLumi products are defined by a collection of sophisticated, trendy and elegant lighting designs which are a mix of uniqueness, style and high performance.


We are a family of professional designers and engineers who have built state of the art lighting structures throughout North America in the last few decades, by living up to the vision of revolutionizing the art of lighting. Explore through a plethora of exquisite options which are marvelously crafted to perfection that will cease your attention, add grandeur to your homes and leave an everlasting experience.



At BeeLumi, We care to give back to the planet by making sure that all our Products are recyclable, we use light weight materials to ensure that less packaging is required and all our packaging is biodegradable.

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